TLC: The Limited Coop

Limited to Glorifying God. An enrichment service open to members of SCCCHE.

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8/23/2017      Getting your username

One upgrade to the site.  You can now get your username emailed to you if you can remember which email you used for registration.  Just click the Membership link in the menu above and you'll find a section on the page to recover your username and reset your password.  If you read more »

8/16/2017      Frequently Asked Questions

Registration questions:

Q:  The yellow Register button doesn't work.  Why is that? 
A:  Registration will open the morning of each date:  Teachers/Aug 21, Volunteers/Aug 23, Open registration/Aug 25.

Q:  When I try to register, I only see parent names but not my children.  Where are they? 
A:  Go read more »