TLC: The Limited Coop

Limited to Glorifying God. An enrichment service open to members of SCCCHE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Registration questions:

Q:  The yellow Register button doesn't work.  Why is that? 
A:  Registration will open the morning of each date listed in the instructions on the home page. Typically teachers have first access, then volunteers, then everyone else.  This is to give our teachers and volunteers first chance to the the classes they need for their children. Please consider teaching a class or volunteering to help with one of the many positions needed in order to get a better shot at getting the classes your children want.

Q:  When I try to register, I only see parent names but not my children.  Where are they? 
A:  Go to “My Details” and click on the “Children” tab.  Insert information for all your children who will be taking classes or enrolled in Nursery.

Q:  When registering, I don’t see a class listed that my child is old enough to take. 
A:  Go to “My Details” then “Children” tab.  Make sure you have updated to the current grade level for each child.

Other Questions:

Q:  How do I sign up as a volunteer?  
A:  Once the semester has opened for volunteers, you may select a volunteer role using the Volunteer tab on the website.  Simply pick which hour and role you would like to help with.  Every classroom needs a proctor (second set of eyes).  You will be able to register for classes on the date indicated on the home page..

Q:  Do you still need volunteers? 
A:  Absolutely!  There are 80+ volunteer positions so be greedy and take two.  Nursery, all classes, hall monitors, floaters…and don’t forget setting up early or helping with clean-up!

Q:  Can teens volunteer? 
A:  Yes, but...  Volunteer roles on the Volunteer tab are for adults (parents/grandparents) only.  Teens (6th grade & up), please enroll in “Youth on Mission” class during any hours you’d like to help.